Reinforcing mesh for construction using

Beton is a leading manufacturer of reinforcing mesh, as well as a supplier of concrete reinforcing wire products. Beton mesh reinforcing is recognized in the concrete reinforcement market with a reputation for quality products, as well as for a highly professional and superior service.

We can supply the following products: reinforcing mesh, reinforcing welded mesh, trench mesh, slab mesh, brick wall reinforcement mesh, rib mesh, ladder mesh and truss mesh, pipe-line reinforced mesh, bar chair, bar supports and reinforcement spacers and reinforcement tie wire. Our customer includes anyone who requires reinforcing steel products. These include large construction and infrastructure contractors, medium and small sized building contractors.

Concrete reinforcing mesh is a welded wire fabric, prefabricated steel reinforcement material. It has a rectangular or square reinforcement mesh grid pattern and is produced in flat sheets. It is usually 6m long × 2.4m wide as standard.

Reinforcing welded mesh is the high tensile wires welded into a rectangular mesh grid fabric. It has the property of corrosion-resisting and oxidation-resisting with electro galvanized or hot-dipped galvanize surface treatment. It is used on reinforced concrete construction, floor slabs reinforcement, brick wall reinforcement and floor warming.

Reinforced steel bar for concrete reinforcement is also called ribbed steel bar. It usually has vertical rib and transverse rib on surface. Our reinforced steel bar with diameter 6mm - 45mm, length 6m -12m and bundle packing. This deformed steel bar is widely used for all kinds of building structure, especially heavy-duty and high building structure.

The most popular products

  • Horizontal block reinforcement, standard truss type with 9 gauge, HDG, welded at 16 inch centers, for wall thickness 100/200/250mm.
  • Concrete reinforcing rebar coils can be cut and weld in square mesh shapes - weldable concrete reinforcing mesh.
  • 3 inch - 5 inch tall reinforcing bar support and single rebar supports.
  • Weldable deformed/ ribbed steel coils, steel diameter from 5mm to 20mm, with minimum yield strength 420MPa and minimum ultimate strength 500MPa.

Our aim is to supply reinforcing mesh and reinforcing wire to the best of our ability within a reasonable time scale and price. If there is something you looking for please browse our products and do not hesitate to contact our sales team via email on