Reinforcing Concrete Mesh Products List

Concrete reinforcing welded wire with thread details.

Concrete reinforcing welded mesh improves bonding to concrete, minimizes crack, used for reinforcement of road surface, masonry wall, foundation in building.

Concrete wire meshes are packed with bailing strips and wooden sticks.

Concrete wire mesh with high strength, dense mesh size can prevent concrete cracks, applied to concrete tunnel, pavement, bridge, airport runway, housing roof.

Concrete slab meshes are used for block slab structure reinforcing at construction site.

Reinforced welded wire mesh made of galvanized stainless steel wire, with high strength, rigidity, used for foundation, road reinforcing to improve adhesion, prevent crack.

Galvanized reinforcing rib mesh with thread and rectangular mesh.

Reinforcing welded rib mesh with ribbed profile improves bonding to concrete and minimizes crack, used in construction for concrete footpaths, ground slabs.

Many long reinforcing trench meshes with three long bars is placed on a wooden stick.

Reinforcing welded trench mesh is long, narrow, corrosion, rust resistant, with high strength, stability, used for trench, path reinforcing.

Reinforcing welded mesh with square mesh type.

Reinforcing welded mesh made of high tensile strength wires, corrosion and oxidation resistant, easy to install, used for reinforcement of concrete structures.

Truss brick wall reinforcement mesh used for wall reinforcing.

Brick wall reinforcement mesh is welded wire mesh for reinforced concrete construction including truss, ladder mesh reinforcement for masonry wall reinforcing.

Galvanized truss reinforcement meshes are packaged in cardboard box.

Truss welded wire reinforcement mesh is embedded into the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls to continuous wall length for masonry wall reinforcing.

Many galvanized ladder mesh reinforcements are placed on the ground.

Ladder welded wire mesh reinforcement greatly reduce crackings, enhance resistance to water penetration, increase elasticity for wall construction reinforcing.

A roll of galvanized pipe-line reinforced mesh is placed on the ground.

Pipeline reinforced welded wire mesh made of galvanized low carbon steel, with high strength, firm structure, used for concrete weight coated subsea pipeline.

A coil of reinforcement tie wire.

Reinforcement tie wire is made of annealed wire, used in daily life and various industries for concrete reinforcement to avoid frequent maintenance.

Four galvanized reinforcing deformed bars.

Reinforced deformed steel bar for concrete reinforcement has vertical, transverse rib on surface, the form of vertical rib are spiral, crescent, herringbone.

A steel bar chair with four legs on the white background.

Rebar support includes bar chair, metal bolster, used to support horizontal reinforcing steel, wire mesh or post tension cable.

A galvanized slab bolster.

Slab Bolster is used for supporting lower slab steel from slab form. Legs are spaced 5" on center. It is available in 3/4" to 3" heights in 1/4" increments.

A galvanized beam bolster with black points.

Beam bolster with plastic protected, galvanized, or epoxy coated is corrosion, rust resistant, used to support lower beam steel from the slab form.

A galvanized continuous high chair upper.

Continuous high chair including continuous high chair upper, continuous high chair with plate provides support for upper slab steel from slab form.

A four-point bar chair with plastic film coated leg tips.

Reinforcement Spacer with plastic protected legs 20–300 mm high for bar supporting in concrete slab to ensure consistent placement, prevent wire spacer sinking.

A galvanized high individual bar chair with four white epoxy coated leg tips.

Individual bar chair has common size of 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" height and high size of 2" to 20" height, used to support steel in slab/deck construction.

There are three bar chairs of different sizes with white plastic coating, and the large size chair is on a black round plate.

Reinforcing bar support is welded, strong, flexible, anti-static, used for big construction industry, as linking single or multi-layer reinforced steel bars.