Case Study

Reinforcing Concrete Mesh Case Study

Reinforcing concrete mesh is also called reinforcing concrete welded wire mesh, and it has various sizes for choice. With high strength and good stability, it's widely used for bridge deck reinforcing, concrete foundation reinforcing, road surface reinforcing, tunnel structure reinforcing, masonry wall reinforcing and so on.

Several workers are using concrete reinforcing mesh to build a curved bridge.

CRCM-01: Concrete reinforcing mesh used for curved bridge deck construction.

Three workers are using pliers to fasten the mesh on the foundation.

CRCM-02: Concrete slab mesh used for foundation reinforcing.

A worker is using concrete slab mesh and cement to repair the road.

CRCM-03: Concrete slab mesh used for road surface reinforcing.

Two people in the tunnel which is made up of concrete wire mesh.

CRCM-04: Concrete wire mesh is applied to tunnel building.